Saturday, April 22, 2017

Creating a successful Social Media Group

I have established a number of successful groups on social media. Here are a few tips on establishing a successful group.
            When you establish your group you need to decide how much control you are going to have over the membership and posts in the group. There are people who create fake profiles for the specific purpose of adding clickbait to Facebook groups (most of this clickbait is pornography). The profiles look like real people on the surface and once they are admitted to the group they add other fake profiles as well. It is easy to lose control of this situation and your group is soon overrun with inappropriate posts. I eliminated this problem by activating the admin must approve members option in the settings of the group. I then check out the profiles of anyone requesting to join the groups. Sometimes this means members who really want to join the group don’t get to because their profiles look suspicious, but maintaining the integrity of the group greatly outweighs the loss of these few members.
Bloggers Helping Authors Group
1.       Establish a theme for the group

2.      Use compelling images for picture and header

3.      Write a compelling group description

4.      Establish Group Rules

5.      Manage members

6.      Manage posts

7.      Be active and interactive in the group


Friday, April 21, 2017


Branding is the marketing device of creating a name, symbol or design used to identify you. It is what makes you unique. As an author you need to create your own personal brand.

Your brand should be a short description of who you are accomponied by a clear image representing what you do.

Every one of your social media accounts needs to have an aspect of your brand prominently displayed.

In order to create my brand I had to look at my defining characteristics. I am an author and a teacher. Both of these traits are tied up into every aspect of what defines me. I am the guide and the learning, a never ending cycle. The Hero’s Journey in Literature figures heavily in my work with a strong emphasis in the cycle of Death and Rebirth. I choose the butterfly as my personal symbol to represent these concepts.

This tiny, fragile creature represents the many steps of the hero's journey as it transitions through each stage of its life-cycle. From egg to larva, where it molts away its old life as it grows, until it cocoons itself into the chrysalis where it completely transforms into a fully formed adult, only to start the cycle all over again with the next generation.

I love the beauty of these tiny creatures and they always seem to appear in the most unlikely of places.

A few years ago, my husband nearly lost his life to an infection. The nurse who was caring for him in the emergency room was wearing butterfly scrubs. He survived (minus a leg) and began his new journey in life.

Is there any greater symbol than the butterfly for who I am or what I write? The symbol of the butterfly is my personal brand.

What can you use to symbolize your personal brand?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Book Spotlight: Conquest: Rise of the Fifth Horseman
A primeval darkness threatens to destroy mankind...
In an alternate reality where in ancient times two of Earth’s largest continents mysteriously vanished to a world called Zion, NSA Agent Lily Thatcher finds herself in the midst of a plot to drag away a third of all mankind in a rapture-like event. Lily is spirited away to this evil-plagued world where dragons rule the skies and an evil darkness lurks in the shadows. The Leviathan has already consumed the souls of Zion and now thirsts for the souls of Earth. Will Lily be able to tame the newly-discovered divine power growing within her in time to prevent Earth’s apocalyptic fate? The weight of both worlds bears down upon her shoulders and only time will tell if Lily has what it takes to save mankind.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Favorite Book

Reading a book changes you. Even if the change is imperceptible to yourself or others. You learn new words, ideas, and a way of looking at the world as you read. What you choose to read greatly influences what you choose to write.


What is your favorite book?

What are the three top reasons this is your favorite book?

How has reading the book changed/help you become a better person?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

H. Elf Lewis

About the Author  H. Elf Lewis
Why are you THE Next Favorite Author?
I write fun scary romantic stories around attractive relatable characters with human wants and clever lively dialogue.
H. Elf Lewis is a pen name, an author materialization for “Lonely Dark Hearts”, a new adult/paranormal romance series bordering on horror—“Paranormal Romance Fiction with a Bite”. Lewis loves crafting emotion-jarring stories that drive towards resolution with a tinge of the irreverent, granting the reader reward and relief when he or she steps off the ride.
Provide Links:
                Where can we buy the books?
                How can we follow you on Facebook? (No more than 2 links)
                What is your Twitter Handle?
                Are you on GoodReads?
                Your Website Address is:
                Are there any other sites we should know about? (No more than two links)

Monday, April 17, 2017

Writing Prompt: Strange Messages

Have you ever received a strange message?
Perhaps a note or a garbled voicemail or a voice in your head?
Imagine a character who is receiving strange messages from an outside source. Where are the voices coming from? What are those messages telling him to do?
Write the story...

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Book Spotlight: (Almost) Average Anthology

Culled from the archives of the (Almost) Average blog, this anthology of flash fiction collects sixteen original stories in one volume. Maniacal creatures, deadly aliens, and strained relationships reveal the darker side of life through tales perfect for the reader wanting adventure in bite-sized stories. 

Touches of horror, science fiction, and fantasy weave through the anthology from the opening line of “Sebastian (I Am Death)” to the closing words in “The Long Sleep.” This debut anthology offers the reader a variety of stories with twists and unexpected turns.

Featuring the story “Sunshine and Asteroids” as read on episode 48 of the No Extra Words podcast and two previously unreleased stories only available here, this anthology of dark stories is the first offering of author Jason J. Nugent.